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About the Academy

The training courses are based on the best domestic and foreign experience in implementing the most modern solutions in the field of water treatment


training courses




specialists have been trained for 10 years


specialists received a Diploma of Specialist or Expert for 10 years

Training courses

Specialist on household water treatment course

the course is devoted to the design, operation and maintenance of household filters for water purification, as well as modern standards and problems of drinking water quality in Ukraine

Specialist on domestic and commercial water treatment course

the course is devoted to theoretical and practical basics of water treatment, installation, operation and maintenance of filtration and membrane water treatment systems

Modern membrane and ion exchange water treatment technologies

the course is devoted to theoretical bases and applied aspects of membrane and sorption technologies of water treatment

Specialized courses

Modern methods of water treatment

We help companies make confident decisions related to water treatment technologies

Certification of specialists

According to the results of training, specialists pass professional certification and can receive Diplomas:
● Expert in domestic and commercial water treatment (E-FM)● Membrane Systems Specialist (S-MS)● Filter Systems Specialist (S-FS)● Household Filter Specialist (S-DF)