Finalists 2023

  • Kozak Anastasia, Kosogin Artur

    Lyceum №142, Kyiv______________________________________
    «A device for sorption water purification in emergency situations»

  • Zhabrovets Olga

    Novovolynsk Scientific Lyceum of the Volyn Regional Council______________________________________
    «The impact of military operations on the hydroecological state of water bodies in Ukraine»

  • Lobunets Daria

    Shostka Specialized School of I-III Degrees No. 1 of the Shostka City Council of Sumy Region______________________________________
    «Development of technology for the production of eco-packaging from seagrass»

  • Bondarenko Vladislav

    Dnipro Scientific Medical Lyceum of the Dnipro Regional Council______________________________________
    «Study of the ecological state of recreational areas in the city of Dnipro»

  • Vyhovska Daria

    Central Ukrainian Scientific Boarding Lyceum of the Kirovograd Regional Council ______________________________________
    «Design of an autonomous unit for collecting water from the air»

  • Kondratenko Polina

    Central Ukrainian Scientific Boarding Lyceum of the Kirovograd Regional Council ______________________________________
    «Using solar energy for desalination of seawater as a way to preserve the planet's resource supply»

Super final

Finalists 2022

  • Barabash Oleksandr Vitaliiovych

    Kryzhaniv educational and educational complex «General education school of I-III degrees-lyceum-preschool educational institution» of the Fontan village council of the Odesa district of the Odesa region______________________________________
    «Smart household: secondary use of water and organic waste as an example of conservation of natural resources and an ecologically safe state of the environment»

  • Martyn Marian Mykhailovych

    Secondary comprehensive school № 95 of Lviv,Lviv, Lviv region______________________________________
    «‎Conditioning of groundwater with respect to fluoride content using natural clinoptilolite»

  • Obraztsov Artem Ihorovych

    Dnipro Scientific Medical Lyceum of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional CouncilDnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region______________________________________
    «Bioindication of the state of the aquatic environment using marble crayfish Procambarus virginalis (Lyko, 2017)»

  • Peremitko Illia Valeriiovych

    Technical Lyceum named after Anatoly Ligun of Dnipropetrovsk region Kamyanske City Council______________________________________
    «Improvement of domestic wastewater treatment system»

  • Kostylov Roman Pavlovych

    Donetsk Regional Ecological and Naturalistic Center,Kramatorsk, Donetsk region______________________________________
    «Evaluation of the efficiency of using wood sawdust as a sorbent for wastewater treatment»

  • Osadchuk Kateryna Vasylivna

    Skala-Podilsky educational complex «general educational institution of I-III degrees - preschool educational institution»Skala-Podilska settlement council of Borshchiv district, Skala-Podilska village, Ternopil region______________________________________
    «The project of a free-flowing micro-hydroelectric power plant with an Ugrinsky rotor as a turbine»

  • Pavliuk Denys Yuriiovych

    Communal organization «Shostkin educational complex: specialized school of I-II degrees-lyceum of Shostkin city council of Sumy region»,
    Shostka, Sumy region
    «Application of iron-manganese sorbent for purification of wastewater from formaldehyde and phenol»

Finalists 2021

  • Borovyk Olha Stanislavivna

    Communal institution «Central Ukrainian scientific lyceum boarding school of the Kirovohrad regional council»,
    Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad region
    «A lens with variable optical characteristics»

  • Breus Zlata Yuriivna

    Myroniv Center for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Myroniv City Council Myronivsky academic lyceum № 3,Myronivka, Kyiv region______________________________________
    «Environmental pollution with microplastics and its detection in bottom sediments of the Rosava River»

  • Yerofeieva Daria Oleksiivna

    Boryspil educational and educational complex «Perspektiva» Gymnasium - comprehensive school of I-II levels Volodymyr Monomakh of Boryspil city council of Kyiv region______________________________________
    «Assessment of the toxicity of lake water in Boryspil using the «Growth test»

  • Kirychenko Daniil Ihorovych

    Kharkiv Lyceum № 89 of the Kharkiv City Council of the Kharkiv Region,
    Kharkiv, Kharkiv region
    «Increasing the efficiency of coagulation treatment of water from surface sources»

  • Lobunets Daria Serhiivna

    Shostkyn specialized school of I-III degrees № 1 of the Shostkyn city council of the Sumy region,
    Shostka, Sumy region
    «Research on the possibility of using zostera marina algae as an alternative raw material for the pulp and paper industry»

  • Nykonenko Denys Leonidovych

    Municipal institution of the Kyiv Regional Council«Fastiv Lyceum Boarding School»Fastiv, Kyiv region______________________________________
    «Comprehensive ecological assessment of water quality of various sources of water supply in Fastiv district of Kyiv region»

  • Polovyi Andrii Vasylovych, Tiukh Yelyzaveta Ruslanivna

    Vinnytsia Regional Station of Young Naturalists,
    Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia region
    «Study of the phenomenon of water "blooming" in the Southern Bug River»

  • Shkuta Iryna Yuriivna

    Trypil Lyceum of the Ukrainian City Council of Obukhiv District,
    Trypillya village, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region
    «Determination of the efficiency of the water walnut burner for the purpose of cleaning water bodies from excessive plant population»

  • Borovyk Taisiia Mykolaivna

    Hotsky institute of general secondary education I-III gradesKhotsky village, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi district, Kyiv region______________________________________
    «Investigation of the state of the water in the village of Khotchy by biotesting of common onion (Allium cepa L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

  • Dumailo Volodymyr Borysovych

    Drohobytskyi Lyceum of the Drohobytskyi City Council,
    Drohobych, Lviv region
    «Effective use of irrigation systems by acid-alkaline correction of water»

  • Ziborov Nikita Andriiovych

    Kherson Physical and Technical Lyceum of the Kherson City Council,
    Kherson, Kherson region
    «Peculiarities of water "blooming" in different types of reservoirs of the Kherson region»

  • Kulieshova Sofiia Petrivna

    Municipal educational institution «Financial and Economic Lyceum of Scientific Direction at the University of Customs and Finance» Dnipro City Council,Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region______________________________________
    «Composite adsorbent based on calcium alginate for wastewater treatment»

  • Mazii Viktoriia Oleksandrivna

    Examination institution of general secondary education I-II degrees of the Bakhmut city council of the Donetsk region,Opytne village, Bakhmut district, Donetsk region______________________________________
    «Evaluation of the quality of well water in the village of Ivangrad»

  • Osadchuk Kateryna Vasylivna

    Rokytniv Lyceum № 1,Rokytne village, Rokytniv district, Rivne region______________________________________
    «Study of the possibility of drinking water purification using bentonite clay»

  • Rudnytska Yelyzaveta Oleksandrivna

    Rokytniv Lyceum № 1,
    Rokytne village, Rokytniv district, Rivne region
    «Study of the possibility of drinking water purification using bentonite clay»

  • Yurchenko Alona Romanivna

    Interregional Higher Vocational Construction School of Kramatorsk,Kramatorsk, Donetsk region______________________________________
    «Use of nanofiltration for groundwater purification»

Finalists 2020

  • Anatolieva Yuliia

    Educational complex «Lyceum with general education school of I-III degrees»,Kostyantynivka______________________________________
    «Purification of domestic wastewater using electrolysis»

  • Andrishko Yuliia

    Gymnasium of International Relations № 323, Kyiv______________________________________
    «Is plastic an invention of mankind or a danger to water bodies?»

  • Atakiieshyiev Yelvan

    Odesa specialized school of I-III degrees № 117______________________________________
    «Sensitivity of Daphnia Magna to a standard toxicant in a water mineralization gradient»

  • Bielous Oleh

    Kherson Physical and Technical Lyceum______________________________________
    "«AI FRESH STATION» is a platform for growing eco-greens"

  • Biliak Olena

    Educational complex «School of Computer Technologies - Lviv Technological Lyceum», Lviv ______________________________________
    «Autonomous wind energy installation for complex works on silted reservoirs»

  • Bura Anastasiia

    Kharkiv Specialized School
    I-III degrees № 73, Kharkiv
    «Determination of Chlorides in drinking water using a computer nephelometer»

  • Butko Vitalii

    Kramatorsk secondary school of grades I-III № 26______________________________________
    «Online management of water coagulation processes»

  • Vlasenko Oleksandra

    Gymnasium № 59 O.M. Boychenka of the city of Kyiv______________________________________
    «Test - determination of the total content of heavy metals in drinking water»

  • Holub Olha

    Communal institution «Center for extracurricular education» of the Melitopol city council of the Zaporizhzhia region, Melitopol______________________________________
    «Development of a combined sorbent based on kaolinite and hydrolyzed lignin for wastewater treatment from anionic surface-active substances»

  • Holubash Ivan

    State educational institution «Interregional Higher Vocational Construction School of Kramatorsk»______________________________________
    «Deep biological purification of wastewater from nitrogen compounds»

  • Hurinenko Karyna

    Lyceum «Naukova Zmina» Darnytsky District, Kyiv______________________________________
    «Development of expert systems for creating a water treatment scheme»

  • Duduk Andrii

    Borshchiv educational complex «General educational institution I-III grade № 3 - gymnasium R. Andriyashik»______________________________________
    «Technology for slowing climate change and stabilizing the temperature regime of the oceans»

  • Dudiak Ivan

    Kherson Physical and Technical Lyceum
    Kherson City Council
    «Desalination of water with an autonomous electrostatic dialyzer»

  • Ivashchyshyn Yaryna

    Educational complex «School of Computer Technologies - Lviv Technological Lyceum»,Lviv______________________________________
    «Groundwater protection by mutual neutralization of industrial waste»

  • Inozemets Anna

    Cherkasy specialized school of grades I-III № 3______________________________________
    «Intensification of wastewater treatment using cavitation processes»

  • Krykun Anna

    Shevchenkiv general education school № 1 of grades I-III of the Shevchenkiv district council of the Kharkiv region______________________________________
    «Determining the degree of pollution of wastewater from the bioplateau of the village of Shevchenkove, Kharkiv region»

  • Kukharuk Andrii

    Berezhansk general education school № 2______________________________________
    «Use of a vacuum water jet pump for compaction of waste»

  • Nykyforova Olena, Karpenko Anastasiia

    Bakhmut secondary school of grades I-III №. 5 with specialized training of the Bakhmut City Council of the Donetsk region______________________________________
    «Identification of factors that negatively affect the processes of anthropogenic changes in the chemical composition of water and ways of implementing rational management of water resources of small rivers»

  • Oparenko Tetiana

    The main institution of Velikochernechchynsk specialized
    schools of I-III degrees of the Sumy District Council of the Sumy Region
    «Artificial aeration as a means of maintaining a stable gas composition of stagnant ponds of fish farming»

  • Panchenko Roman

    Rusaniv Lyceum, Kyiv______________________________________
    «Study of the change of the Dnipro within Kyiv by remote methods»

  • Pertsev Oleksii

    «Interregional Higher Professional Construction SchoolKramatorsk»______________________________________
    «Technology for removing excess sludge in sewage treatment plants»

  • Petrova Alina

    lyceum № 100 «Podil», Podilsky district, Kyiv______________________________________
    «Oxidative treatment of wastewater from antibiotics»

  • Riabchuk Ivan, Verbynskyi Dmytro

    Odesa Lyceum № 82______________________________________
    «Pontic aquifer in the vicinity of Odessa»

  • Tarasiuk Mariia-Luiza

    Ukrainian Medical Lyceum of O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University______________________________________
    «A new reagent of complex action from industrial waste for local water purification systems»

  • Tashku Alina, Veliksar Rosina

    Zaliznychnensk comprehensive school of grades I-III______________________________________
    «Study of the problem of drinking water in the village of Zaliznychne»

  • Kharchenko D., Menshov T., Kostenko Ya.

    Stetsk general secondary education institution of grades I-III of the Sumy District Council, Sumy region______________________________________
    «Study of the ecological state of the Oleshni River»

  • Shkitsa Yaroslav

    Ivano-Frankivsk Physical and Technical Lyceum Boarding Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council______________________________________
    «Means of protection of rivers from pollution»

  • Shovkun Polina

    Severodonetsk Educational and Educational
    complex «Specialized school-college of the National
    University «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy» in the city of Severodonetsk, Luhansk region
    «Ecological damage and priorities for restoration of the water environment in eastern Ukraine»

  • Yavorovska Valeriia

    Polytechnic Lyceum of NTUU «KPI» of Kyiv______________________________________
    «Emergency system for stopping a large flow of water»


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