Categories of products and services (check the required categories)

Water treatment

• Industrial water treatment• Home and business water treatment• Drinking water equipment• Mobile / emergency water treatment systems

Wastewater treatment

• Wastewater treatment equipment• Wastewater treatment reagents• Wastewater disinfection

Laboratory and analytical equipment

• General purpose laboratory equipment, tools and consumables• Laboratory control and measuring units• Analytical equipment and chromatography• Chemistry for laboratories• Laboratory services

Pumping equipment and related materials

• Industrial pumping equipment• Special purpose pumping equipment• Pumping equipment for domestic water supply and drainage systems• Control systems, automation, accessories

Engineering networks (pipes and valves)

• Pressure pipes for outdoor water supply systems• Pipes for internal water supply networks• Pipes for internal and outdoor sewage• Fittings• Shut-off fittings• Tanks, hydraulic accumulators, containers

Water / steam boilers and related equipment

• Water heating boilers• Steam boilers• Low-temperature boilers• Boilers on superheated water• Water heaters

Project work / Service / Consulting

• Project works• Service• Consulting


• Water quality assessment• Materials for water purification processes• Plumbing equipment• Biopools• Swimming pools equipment and chemistry• Turnkey well drilling• Cooling towers for circulating water supply systems• Water expos