«Water and water purification technologies» magazine

The journal is intended for a wide range of readers, both professionals and beginners in the field of water treatment.
On the pages of the journal you can not only find interesting and useful information, but also get answers to professional questions, promote your unique products and services. The journal has been published quarterly for more than 15 years.

In 2020, an on-line version of the journal was launched together with the printed version.
Access to the on-line version is possible through the personal account. The printed version is available by editorial subscription.


Access to the archive of issues of the journal "Water and Water Treatment Purification Technologies" is possible through the Personal Account

Columns of the magazine «Water and water treatment technologies»

Water industry overview 

Reviews of technologies and materials, marketing analysis of the market of equipment and materials for water treatment.

Market leaders

Marketing materials about the best solutions and companies.

Water chronicles

Water news, industry and educational events, books and journals.

WaterNet life

Regular reports and news about the activities of the Ukrainian Water Society.

Main topics of publications


Water quality problems


Wastewater treatment


Water treatment equipment