Ukrainian Junior Water Prize 2022

Ukrainian Junior Water Prize 2022

21th April, the online final of the Ukrainian Junior Water Prize 2022, which is the national stage of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize international youth competition, was successfully held by NGO WaterNet with support of the main sponsor - leader in the world water purification, Ukrainian-Austrian Limited Scientific Production Company "Ecosoft". 55 applications were submitted to the competition. The competition jury selected the 7 best projects to the online superfinal. The projects of the superfinalists differed in their themes: ecological assessment of water resources, analysis of the latest technologies and materials for water purification, research of water reuse - all projects offered thorough theoretical basement and quite practical solutions, supported by relevant experiments.According to the results of the online presentation superfinalists took the appropriate places:


Project "Improvement of domestic wastewater treatment system"Peremitko Illia, student of the “Anatoliy Lyhun Technical Lyceum”, Kamyansk City, Dnipropetrovsk RegionScientific adviser: Neposhivaylenko Natalia, head of the group "Young Ecologists" of the municipal institution "Youth Ecological Center"


1) Project "Conditioning of groundwater for fluoride content using natural clinoptilolite"Martyn Marian, student of the school №95, LvivScientific adviser: Znak Lidiya, teacher of geographyCo-adviser: Mnykh Roman, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Substances, Lviv Polytechnic National University

2) Project "Project of free-flow micro hydroelectric power plant with Ugrin rotor as a turbine"Osadchuk Kateryna, student of the Skala-Podilska educational institution, Borshchiv district, Ternopil regionScientific advisers: Mulyarchuk Andriy, lecturer at the Borshchiv branch of the Academy of Sciences


1) Project "Smart household: water and organic waste reuse as an example of environmentally friendly conservation of natural resources"Barabash Olexander, student of the Kryzhanivskyi lyceum, Odesa regionScientific adviser: Berdnikova Oksana, teacher of geography

2) Project "Study of the possibility of using algae zostera marina as an alternative raw material for the pulp and paper industry"Obraztsov Artem, student of the Scientific Medical Lyceum "Dnipro", DniproScientific advisers: Marenkov Oleg, PhD in Biological Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Vice-Rector for Research at Oles Honchar Dnipro National University3) Project "Application of iron-manganese sorbent for wastewater treatment from formaldehyde and phenol"Pavlyuk Denis, student of the Shostka educational complex, Sumy regionScientific advisers: Pavlenko Oksana, PhD in Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds, Sumy State University

Peremitko Illia, student of the “Anatoliy Lyhun Technical Lyceum” (Kamyansk City, Dnipropetrovsk Region), will represent Ukraine at the international final of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize with project "Improvement of domestic wastewater treatment system". This research project is dedicated to studying the question of the efficiency of domestic wastewater treatment from nutrients. The process of wastewater treatment at the treatment facilities in Kamyanske, Dnipropetrovsk region were analyzed. Recommendations were developed for optimizing the operation of domestic wastewater treatment and for stabilizing the processes to reduce the content of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in treated wastewater.